2014 – Ninth Year Sponsors

Green & Gold Hall of Fame Sponsor Levels  

“Continuing the journey of Spirit and Pride” 

“To all of our sponsors, participants and volunteers-Thank You for helping bring generations of alumni, educators, community members and youth together through our annual events sharing Unity-Pride and Spirit while fulfilling our promise to Holtville High School. “


*Mike Abatti Farms (Golf Tournament)

*(Continuous since – 2006)


*Cooper’s West Insurance Agency LCC (Mike and Laura Goodsell)

*Jewel Vencill (In Memory)- *Bornt & Sons/Family Farm-Vessey & Company

Walmart Foundation/Calexico Super Store (2014 – Grant)

*(Continuous since – 2006)


Yuma investment Group – Barbara Worth Country Club and Resort 


Balflour/David Honnold-Best Buy/Jordon Taylor-Jack and Arleta Aguirre-Imperial Printers-MVG Farms/Mike & Margaret Strahm-Kevin Grizzle Farms-Sun Valley Farms-

Five Star Packing-Alford Distributing-Holtville Rotary International-Grimmway Farms-

 #Soroptomist International of Holtville- # Green and Gold Hall of Fame- # Touchdown Club-# Frank Van Der Linden III- # Rogers & Rogers -# Glen Rolfe- -#Sun Community-#Yuma Investment Group-#Holtville Truck Scales- #Baja Farms- #Triple I Press- #Hefner Agency/Sparky and Connie (Class of ’52)

# (Ring Sponsors)


Barbara Worth Country Club & Golf Resort-Best Buy-Clark Baker Music-Balflour-

Marv Wood-HHS Athletics/Steve Cato-Riddell/Tom Shaw-San Diego Chargers- HHS Band of Pride-Simon Silva-Axis Metal Design/Joey Dollente-Ramey Bekish/Custom Design-Jim & Betty Predmore



2012-13 Green & Gold Hall of Fame – Seventh Year Sponsors

To all of our sponsors, participants and volunteers we are touched by your inestimable support.  “Thank You” for supporting H.H.S’s Walk of Honor and helping us celebrate this our seventh year of the Hall of Fame and John A. Kirchenbauer Memorial Golf Tournament.  


Platinum Level Sponsors

*Mike Abatti Farms (Golf Tournament)

*(Continuous since 2008)

Gold Level Sponsors

*Cooper’s West Insurance Agency LCC- Mike and Laura Goodsell

*Jewel Vencill in Memory-*Bornt Family Farms

Vessey & Company, Inc.-Walmart/Calexico (2012-13-Golf Tournament)

*(Continuous Gold Level since 2006)


Green Level Sponsors

Barbara Worth Country Club and Golf Resort-Imperial Valley Milling-

Five Star Packing-Marv Wood


Spirit and Pride Level Sponsors

Balfour-Best Buy-Clark Baker-Jack and Arleta Aguirre-Marv Wood-Lucie Bryant-Imperial Printers-Soroptomist International-Holtville Rotary International-A.M. Desert Storm-P.M.C.-J & G Farms-D & L Pfister Company-Michael Johnson-Rubin Seeds- Grizzle Farms-MVG Farms-Sun Valley Farms, Inc.-Jordan Implements-*Rabobank-*Rogers & Rogers-*-Cal Energy-*I.V. Milling-*Five Star Packing-*Sellers Petroleum/Grimmway Farms-*Alford Distributing-*Sunrise Acres-*Vessey & Company-*I.V. Milling-*Cal Energy-*Artesia Farms-*Nielsen Construction-*Triple I Press-*Vic’s Air Conditioning-*Dune Company/B.W.C.C.-Wilbur-Ellis Co.-*Farmers Outlet-*Sun Valley Applicators

*(Golf Tournament – Hole Sponsor)


Silent Auction & Golf Raffle Prizes

Barbara Worth Golf Resort- Best Buy-Clark Baker-HHS Authors & Artists-Kevin & Teri Spangler-Marv Wood-Jack & Arleta Aguirre-T & H Sausage-Torrance Farm Implements-Charlotte Levy-Holtville High School Band & Athletics-Bob Wynkoop-Balfour-Jim & Betty Predmore-San Diego Chargers-Dr. George Fareed-Angie Garcia-Tom Shaw-Mike Rubin-Viejas Tribe of Kumayaah Indians-HHS-KXO-Sun Community-Gordon’s Carpet One-R & M Sports-Burgers & Beer-China Palace Steakhouse-Imperial Stores-Vasqo Tech.-Imperial Printers



All 2012/2013 Sponsors to receive a Lapel Pin for their support.

2010 FIFTH YEAR SPONSORSTo the Community of Holtville and all our sponsors, participants and volunteers:

“Thank You” for helping us celebrate this our fifth year of the Hall of Fame and John

A. Kirchenbauer Memorial Golf Tournament. Tonight we honor the 2010 Hall of

Fame Inductees and past CIF Championship team members.



*Mike Abatti Farms*(Continuous since 2008)



Class of ‘65*Bornt Family Farms

*Cooper’s West Insurance Agency LCC- Mike and Laura Goodsell

*Jewel Vencill


*(Continuous Gold Level since 2006)



Gordon’s Carpet One-Holtville Rotary ClubVessey & Company-Marv Wood

Spirit and Pride Level Sponsors

Balfour-Best Buy-Clark Baker-Jack and Arleta Aguirre-

Lucie Bryant-Michael Johnson-Sanbon, Inc.-Rogers and Rogers Toyota-Imperial Printers-

Ametza -PMCca Inc.-Jim Strain-Soroptomist-Fred Allen-

Sperber Farms-Baja Farms-Felipe Irigoyen



T & H Sausage- Kristin Marlow-Mike Rubin and The Los Angeles Lakers-RitualMexica-Chris Heuberger and The California Angel-Mark Schmidt and The Imperial

Hardware-Susan Trantham-Yadi Ambrocio-

George’s Pizza-Hot Rod’s and Beer



The Hall of Fame Committee encourages you to take advantage of our extended(2009-2010) one-half price offer for your Special Commemorative Brick Order.

Be a part of HHS’s “Green and Gold” legacy. For brochure and more information please contact

Betty Predmore (756-4011), Arleta Aguirre (356-2414) or Marv Wood (356-2382)

To place order you may also visit our

NEW WEB SITE @ HYPERLINK “http://www.greenandgoldhalloffame.com”




2009 Platinum Level Sponsors

Mike Abatti Farms

2009 Gold Level Sponsors

Ametza/Felipe Irigoyen

*Bornt Family Farms

*Cooper’s West Insurance Agency LCC- Mike and Laura Goodsell

*Jewel Vencill


*(Continuous Gold Level since 2006)

Green Level Sponsors

Gordon’s Carpet One-Holtville Rotary Club

Rubin Seeds-Red Earth Casino

Community Valley Bank-Marv Wood

Spirit and Pride Level Sponsors

Balfour-Best Buy-Clark Baker

David H. West Insurance Services-Jack and Arleta Aguirre

Jordon/Central Implement Company

Lucie Bryant-Michael Johnson-Nielsen Construction

Sun Valley Farms / Rodney and Maureen Strahm-Sanbon, Inc.

Rogers and Rogers Toyota-Coldwell Banker- The Wilkinson Team

Ametza-Farmers Outlet -Sun Valley Applicators-Vessey & Company

PMCca Inc.-Wilber Ellis-R & K Air Conditioning-Patricia Salcido

Kevin and Terri Spangler-Jim Strain-John Reschert

Sperber Farms-Baja Farms-Toby Erickson Memorial

Raffle Prize Sponsors

Furniture Palace – Gordon’s Carpet –Spectrum Advertising-VasqoTech Computers

Imperial Valley Press-KXO Radio-Caliber Screenprinting-Rabobank-

George’s Pizza-Hot Rod’s and Beer

2008 Platinum Level Sponsors

Mike Abatti Farms

2008 Gold Level Sponsors

Mike and Laura Goodsell (Cooper’s West Insurance Agency, LCC)

Bornt Family Farms

Holtville Rotary Club

Jewel Vinci

Charles and Wanda Layton Farming

2008 Green Level Sponsors

Omlin Farms

Gordon’s Carpet One

South Coast Winery

Del Norte Chevrolet

David H. West Insurance Services

2008 Spirit and Pride Level Sponsors

Best Buy

Clark Baker Music

Desert Valley Monuments

Artesia Farms, Inc.

Sperber Farms

Ben Abatti Jr.

Sanbon Inc.

Rodahl Construction

Vessey and Company, Inc.

PMCca Inc. (Jason and Katy Turner)

Lucy Bryant

Farmer’s Outlet

Dune Company

David and Sam Hilfiker

Marv Wood

Sun Valley Farms, Inc

Kevin Grizzle Farms, Inc.

Sunrise Acres, LLC (Rick and DeAnna Hilfliker)

T&H Sausage Company



Torrence’s Farm Implements

HHS Band Boosters

I.V. Newsday

Jack and Arleta Aguirre

Vic’s A/C and Electrical

Horizon Farms

2007 Gold Level Sponsors

Imperial Valley Milling Co.

Rick & Angie King

Bornt Family Farms

Ametza L.L.C.

Alex & Lilia Madriaga

Buck and Dora DePaoli & Family

Sperber Farms

EdCo Harvest

In Memory of  Wayne Bonesteele

Sanders Inc. Architecture/Engineering

The Aguirre and Marlow Family

Nielsen Construction Co.

City of Holtville City Council

The Omlin Family

Holtville High School Administration

Ben & Judy Abatti Jr. and Family

David & Vicki Wells and Family

The Family of  Warren and Mary Wood

Jewel Vencill

In Memory of  Joel Chambers

Rod & Maureen Strahm and Family

2007 Green Level Sponsors

Jason and Kathy Turner

Coopers West Insurance Agency

Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians

2007 Spirit and Pride Level Sponsors

Lucerne Hay Company (Kevin Grizzle & Alonzo Elias)

Michael Johnson

Jordan/Central Implement Company

Lucie Bryant

Palo Verde Disposal Service

Cal Energy Operating Corporation

D.W. Hibbert Electric Co. Inc.

R and K Air Conditioning

Dune Company

Allied Waste, NA Inc.

DoNut Ave. #101

Farmers Outlet, Inc.

Sanbon L.L.C.

Caliber Printing

Sunrise Acres, L.L.C. (Rick & DeAnn Hilfiker)

Culligan Soft Water

D.R. Osborne Co.

Richard Acosta (Smith-Kandal Insurance)

David H. West Insurance Company

Gordons Carpet One


Anderholt & Storey APLC

Desert Sun L.L.C.

2006 Gold Level Sponsors

Milt and Mable Meek

Ben and Loretta Abatti

The Kirchenbauer Family

Mike and Laura Goodsell

Imperial Valley Milling Company

Ernest Grant Keithly/Karla Keithly Auringer/Kirin Keithly Cooley/SuAnn Keithly Harbolt

Holtville Rotary Club

Nielsen Construction Ca.

Gordon’s Carpet One

Jason and Katie Turner Sanders, Inc.


Sun Community Federal Credit Union

Fred and Nancy Acosta/Richard and Sharon Acosta

2006 Green Level Sponsors

Farmers Outlet, Inc.

BWCC Men’s Assoc.

I.V. Carts

J.K. Management/Jim and Kevin Kerns

Omlin Farms, Inc.

Vessey & Co., Inc.

Roger and Betty Rodahl

A.M. Desert Storm

2006 Spirit and Pride Level Sponsors

Gordon’s Carper One

Burgers & Beer


Cal Energy Operating Corp.

Touchdown Club

Implements Sunrise Acres

LLC. Cliff Strahm

Wilber-Ellis Company

Primitive Baptist Church


Mainas Farms

The Johnston Family

City of Holtville

Michael Johnson Palo Verde Disposal Company

Sperber Farms

Mike Abatti Farms

John Wood Automotive


Desert Sun Distributors

Lee Tire Company

Dune Company

Luci Bryant

Torrence Farm Implements

David Hilfiker

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