A Purposeful Journey

A Purposeful Journey

As we celebrate this  FIFTEENTH annual Gala with  alumni, educators and community members we are reminded : “That  purpose is the reason for our journey and passion is the fire that lights our way”. Even in the absence of our annual fundraising events we were able to continue to support student-centered programs for the common good of Holtville High School students.

In keeping with  the Green and Gold’s  desire to grow and improve each year while fulfilling our goals and objectives as a nonprofit volunteer organization – change is inevitable.  In our twelfth year, The Hall of Fame Committee  implemented changes that are more inclusive of our school- wide educational community  as well as recognizing outstanding achievement and/or service distinctions for those who serve our communities students.

Hall of fame selections represent  the categories of: Alumni, Educators and Community Members and these will not change.  However, there has been  a change in the eligibility for selections in the category of Educators (teachers) that will now include district-wide teachers with the criteria for selection remaining the same. Providing  impetus for change upon reflection from  alumni who were previously inducted,  committee members having educational experience in the Holtville Unified School District and  recognizing that HUSD  has wonderful teachers at every grade level who’s collective testimonials cite the influence that teacher’s at all levels have had on their lives and careers. While the High School is the “flagship” from which all students will graduate, in reflection they are in-part products of a comprehensive educational experience shaped by educators at all levels. The Hall of Fame Committee encourages you nominations for all categories.  [Note: Administrators, coaches, teachers and campus staff, full-time employees at HHS will not be eligible for nomination or selection to the Hall of Fame].

The newly established categories for recognition of TEACHER OF THE YEAR are:  TK through 5th, 5th through 8th, and the  high school level.  Teachers of the Year are recognized  with stipend, along with Hall of Fame desk award and a commemorative brick on the high school’s Walk of Honor at our annual Hall of Fame Gala.

The  HALL OF FAME AWARD  serves to recognize both individuals and student groups who have distinguished themselves by their achievements or remarkable distinction in service. The criteria is that they must have demonstrated outstanding achievement or with special service distinction while serving the communities’ students, included but not limited to: students or student groups, administrators/trustees/Counselors, co-curricular (learning experiences) and/or extra- curricular activities (individuals, coaches and/or mentors), support staff and volunteers.

So it is with your support of “A Purposeful  Journey” since 2006 that the Green and Gold HOF has inducted one hundred and four (104) members to the HHS Hall of Fame, and as of June 2016 provided a total of sixty-nine(69) $500 scholarships and TOY stipends in addition to a permanent endowment from the Vencill family establishing the Vencill Nursing Scholarship at IVC with (7) selections (four years at $2,000 per yr.) annually for HHS graduates (male or female) entering the field of nursing as of June 2021.

All former CIF Championship team members are invited on an annual basis, to attend the Hall of Fame Gala where they are presented with a CIF Championship ring. As of 2019, 30 championship teams have been so honored representing a total of 563 roster student-athletes. As a champion, they have achieved a standard of excellence that will remain with them forever.

For  information about other programs , please visit our web site @ www.greenandgoldhallof fame.com